How to Block Those Annoying Game Apps on Facebook

posted on January 11th, 2010 by Jackie T. Ewing

I’ve seen one-too-many comments from frustrated Facebook friends on the raging Mafia Wars or Farmville or sheep-throwing or other such nonsense to ignore it any longer.

Mafia Wars

Block Mafia Wars

I consider myself one of the lucky few who have never engaged with anyone on these and so have remained relatively free of requests. I did make it my business to find out how to block unwanted applications when I received a ton of requests to join Mafia Wars from friends that I knew were just not the type – and sure enough, it was a scam.

So, to permanently block one or more unwanted applications from your facebook you have two choices

  1. Next time you receive a request from one of these apps, look for the “block application” link and click on it
  2. Go to the app itself and block it there

To do the 2nd option, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Facebook Applications link in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen
  • type “mafia wars” in the search box and hit enter
  • You’ll get a list of apps with that name; the most popular one is the one you want to block which is usually top of the list. look at the number of active users if you are unsure which to choose
  • click on the link to the app
  • right under where it says “Go To Application” it also has the option to Block Application
  • Click on “Block Application”
  • You’ll get a pop-up screen asking if you want to block the application, click on the big blue Block Mafia Wars button
  • Final pop-up will confirm that this app is now blocked for you


    How to Block Farmville

If you want to block more apps just repeat the above steps for each of them.

Hope that helps alleviate the frustration with unwanted apps. Let me know how it worked out for you. All comments are welcome!

One Response to “How to Block Those Annoying Game Apps on Facebook”

  1. Jackie Ewing says:

    Since the recent changes on Facebook, these steps no longer work! Today I just figured this one out.
    So I set my news feed to Most Recent and that brought back the HIDE button to the right of the posts. Click on HIDE on those posts from farmville or any other app you don’t want on your news feed and it will ask if you want to hide the person or the application. If you hide the application, it hides it from all users. I just cleared my news feed of a TON of apps and am SO happy again.
    Good luck!

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