Social Media Marketing is Hard Work

As a marketing consultant, I am often faced with potential clients who think that because social media is “free” – that I shouldn’t be charging a fee for it. While it is true that you can have any number of “free” social media accounts, making those accounts work for your business demands a lot of time and energy, and in my case as a consultant, a fee for my experience, expertise, actions, etc.

Social Media is not Free

Social media offers an easy and very affordable way to communicate to many prospects and customers at the same time. Depending on how you plan to use social media marketing should determine for you how much you are going to spend on it – be that, time, effort or actual money! The key word here is PLAN. If you don’t have a plan, more than likely, your social media marketing efforts will not be consistent, won’t show much thought or effort and probably won’t inspire anybody to connect with you or purchase whatever it is that you are offering.

Look around for social media success stories and learn what they did to create that success. No doubt, they accepted that social media is hard work and planned accordingly. They assigned someone, or several someones in a team, to handle their social media accounts – creating engaging content, making contacts throughout their circles, engaging with customers and peers. I bet they might even have a social media calendar as part of that plan!

We’ve all seen or heard of disastrous social media marketing blunders when this hugely important facet of marketing is handed over to the owner’s son or niece. Social media for business is just NOT the same as social media for teens or twenties! See the bottom of this post for some examples of social media marketing fails.

How Do I Make Social Media Marketing Work for Me?

As with any business decision, the one to take on social media marketing requires some serious thought, planning and budgeting. If you can decide on what your goals are – for example, a lot of likes, engaged fans commenting on your posts, search engine optimization – then you can plan your level of marketing required to reach those goals. Add this as a budget item so you can spend the funds without second guessing your decision. Monitoring what is being done versus what is happening on the road to the goals will give you a good idea of you are on the right track or not. As with any budget item, make adjustments along the way if it’s not enough or too much.

My recommendation is to hire some knowledgeable in the social media arena to help you get started, to draw up that plan, to create a social media marketing calendar. Many businesses jumped on the social media bandwagon when it started but have really done nothing with it and accounts sit there languishing in a social media desert. Certainly, if you have someone on your team that is well-versed in marketing and in social media, use them to do those same things.

The first step is the most difficult, so just make the decision to do it. Then take the second step and ask someone for help.



Examples of Social Media Marketing NOT Working


Facebook page names

So, you’ve had your Facebook page for business for a while now and have some activity going on with your customers and fans. Or maybe you haven’t yet taken that step? Either way, there are a couple of things to you should know about Facebook page names.

Does your Facebook page name match your business name?

The first one is that your Facebook page name should match your business. If people are searching for your business on Facebook or the web in general, you want your business name to be consistent. However, as many small business owners have found out, it isn’t always possible to use the exact name of your business. Perhaps there are other businesses with the same or similar names. What do you do in that case? My suggestion is to get creative while keeping your business name in mind. This image shows how Cosmopolitan (magazine) differentiated themselves in their Facebook page name. See the Facebook web address in the top left hand corner versus their actual Facebook page name just to the right of their profile picture.

Cosmopolitan Facebook page name example - Nurse Jackie Ewing

Did you know you can decide what your Facebook web address is?

The second one is that just because you put a particular name on your Facebook page does NOT mean that the url to connect to your Facebook page is the same! In fact, Facebook doesn’t actually let you have a vanity url (a name that you pick) until your fan page has at least 25 fans. Then if you are in the position that you can choose the Facebook Web Address, you may need to be somewhat creative to distinguish your business from others with very similar names. This image shows a Facebook page that is so new it doesn’t yet have 25 likes. Look at the url that Facebook has given the page – top left hand corner. The business name is what the page owner has chosen for the Facebook page name but the url does not yet match it.

Facebook page name example BPS America - Nurse Jackie Ewing

What if I want to change my Facebook page name after I have set it?

As we well know, things happen that necessitate change and a Facebook page name is often one of those things that need to be changed. If you have less than 200 likes (fans) on your page and have not changed the page name before, you can simply change it yourself.

And if you have more than 200 likes on your page and still need to change the name? Amy Porterfield does a great job of showing you how to do this step-by-step. Click here to see how.

Please let me know if this post is helpful to you and if you’ve successfully changed your Facebook page name based on our instruction.  Please comment below and leave us a link to your Facebook page so we can check it out!


If you want to get some detail on how Facebook handles these issues for your Facebook page name, click here. They also address the issue of changing your Facebook page name and the limitations in doing this.

Businesses finding success using social media sites

Very nice write up by Mike Freeman on Nurse Jackie’s presentation at the CFVRMA meeting last month at Legoland, Florida. Please feel free to comment if you have anything to add!

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