Facebook page names

So, you’ve had your Facebook page for business for a while now and have some activity going on with your customers and fans. Or maybe you haven’t yet taken that step? Either way, there are a couple of things to you should know about Facebook page names.

Does your Facebook page name match your business name?

The first one is that your Facebook page name should match your business. If people are searching for your business on Facebook or the web in general, you want your business name to be consistent. However, as many small business owners have found out, it isn’t always possible to use the exact name of your business. Perhaps there are other businesses with the same or similar names. What do you do in that case? My suggestion is to get creative while keeping your business name in mind. This image shows how Cosmopolitan (magazine) differentiated themselves in their Facebook page name. See the Facebook web address in the top left hand corner versus their actual Facebook page name just to the right of their profile picture.

Cosmopolitan Facebook page name example - Nurse Jackie Ewing

Did you know you can decide what your Facebook web address is?

The second one is that just because you put a particular name on your Facebook page does NOT mean that the url to connect to your Facebook page is the same! In fact, Facebook doesn’t actually let you have a vanity url (a name that you pick) until your fan page has at least 25 fans. Then if you are in the position that you can choose the Facebook Web Address, you may need to be somewhat creative to distinguish your business from others with very similar names. This image shows a Facebook page that is so new it doesn’t yet have 25 likes. Look at the url that Facebook has given the page – top left hand corner. The business name is what the page owner has chosen for the Facebook page name but the url does not yet match it.

Facebook page name example BPS America - Nurse Jackie Ewing

What if I want to change my Facebook page name after I have set it?

As we well know, things happen that necessitate change and a Facebook page name is often one of those things that need to be changed. If you have less than 200 likes (fans) on your page and have not changed the page name before, you can simply change it yourself.

And if you have more than 200 likes on your page and still need to change the name? Amy Porterfield does a great job of showing you how to do this step-by-step. Click here to see how.

Please let me know if this post is helpful to you and if you’ve successfully changed your Facebook page name based on our instruction.  Please comment below and leave us a link to your Facebook page so we can check it out!


If you want to get some detail on how Facebook handles these issues for your Facebook page name, click here. They also address the issue of changing your Facebook page name and the limitations in doing this.

Businesses finding success using social media sites


Very nice write up by Mike Freeman on Nurse Jackie’s presentation at the CFVRMA meeting last month at Legoland, Florida. Please feel free to comment if you have anything to add!

Click here to read the full article.

Click below to see the full presentation.

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Burberry uses Social Media to help launch new fragrance for women – Burberry Body

It was one of those days of sifting through databases and listening to some fun music on Pandora. Taking a break from the monotony, I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw a post from someone who liked an ad for a new perfume from Burberry. I clicked on the photo to see what it was all about. It was an offer for a free sample of the new fragrance for women – Burberry Body – so I clicked on the Facebook link and went to their Facebook page.

Burberry Body Sample

Burberry Body Facebook Landing Page

I was directed to a very nice landing page that offered me a sample if I became a fan.  So I clicked on the Like button and became a Burberry fan on Facebook. Looks like more than a few thousand folks did the same thing – at the time of writing this there are more than 8.3 million fans!

After clicking the like button, I was taken to another landing page – very nice use of different landing pages for fans versus non-fans. This page offered me the

Burberry Body Facebook Page

Burberry Body Facebook Landing Page

choice of shopping the new line or requesting the sample. At this point, I am more than willing to trade my mailing address and email address for the free sample!

I was curious to see if this campaign was being run by a US office or a UK office as I had to input which country I wanted the sample shipped to.

While I was on their page I had a look to see what else Burberry were doing to engage fans on their Facebook page and was pleasantly surprised.  Lots of behind the scenes information with pictures and video of things like photo shoots for the Burberry Body campaign featuring a British actress unknown to me – Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

Since checking the page again for this post, they have posted links to various videos and photo shoots for an upcoming Fall Fashion release.  Also, the Burberry Store at The Mall at Millenia is advertising a sneak preview of the new Fall collection to Facebook Fans on September 16th, between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

To me, it seems like great engagement and sharing rather than selling. Perfect use of Facebook, in my humble opinion!

So about a week after trading my contact details for the perfume sample, I got a postcard in the mail confirming that they had received my sample request and that it would be processed shortly. Good use of direct mail to support the campaign started on social media.

Box mailed by Burberry

Royal Mail Delivery

Then a couple of weeks after that, there was a nice surprise in my mailbox. A little white box delivered by Royal Mail, no less!

I’m sure some of the folks here in the US were quite thrilled to receive something via Royal Mail.  Being Irish, I’ve had the pleasure of that experience already so it was no big deal for me. But at least I got my earlier question answered – the UK office are handling the campaign!

Instead of the expected tiny vial of perfume, there was a very nice size bottle with a card inside the box. Very well presented and very well received by me!

Burberry Body, card and sample

Fragrance sample

So would you have traded your contact details as easily as I did?  Burberry just might have me as a lifetime fan after this campaign. How about you?