My jetBlue Customer Experience

On a recent trip to visit family, I chose to fly jetBlue for the non-stop flight. These days, I’m not expecting a fabulous customer experience when I fly. I just want to get where I am going with the minimum of fuss. You be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you – this applies not just to the airline staff but also my fellow travelers in airports and airplanes alike!

Happy to report, this particular journey was a pretty great customer experience for myself and my daughter. Great seats, great legroom, unlimited snacks and soft drinks – and best of all, free wifi! My daughter was over the moon about the wifi and spent quite a lot of the flight catching up with her friends on tumblr, twitter and instagram. She also managed to play an online game that requires high speed access to play well. I got a major thumbs up when that happened!

Unbeknownst to me, she tweeted about the wonderful wifi and was thrilled to get a response within minutes. She wasn’t expecting a response so it was fun for her! Wish I had had the presence of mind to take a photo of her at the time.

customer experience on jetBlue

customer experience on jetBlue

Customer Experience for All

I was doing some research on customer experiences and social media interaction, when I came across a blog post on Hubspot about how jetBlue is using Twitter to really engage customers. It goes into great detail about how they use 140 characters and why. The examples given really paint an excellent picture of why this is so successful for them. As I had just flown with them and had a similar experience, the post hit home with me. The marketer in me has gleaned new insights to the power of a tweet!

Delighting People in 140 Characters: An Inside Look at JetBlue’s Customer Service Success

by Lindsay Kolowich   

When you tweet at a company that has over 16,000 employees, how quickly do you expect them to respond to you? How helpful do you think their answer will be? And, would you expect the person who reads the tweet to follow up on the issue in person? You may not have very high expectations for most large companies, but JetBlue has done a great job differentiating themselves on Twitter by finding clever ways to exceed our expectations.

Read the rest of the blog post and get your own take on this airline facilitating positive customer experience through tweeting!

It was a very pleasant customer experience for me on both flights and I would highly recommend the airline to anyone else needing to fly a couple of hours within the US.

Newsletters Keep You in front of Your Customers and Prospects

Do you send a newsletter to your clients and prospects?  It could be an email newsletter or a print newsletter, but you SHOULD be sending one or the other, if not both.

Most businesses are unaware that their customer list is their most valuable asset.  Communicating with them on a very regular basis is key to you being at the forefront of their minds when they are ready to buy whatever product or service it is that you offer.  A newsletter is the perfect way to do this.  As mentioned in a previous blog called Mining for Gold, you also need to communicate with your customers on a regular basis through email and print.  If you don’t have an email newsletter, you are losing out on the potential of building really lasting, long-term relationships with your customers.  Your communication to them is not a bother, if they don’t unsubscribe. Don’t make the common mistake of assuming that they don’t want to get a newsletter from you – it’s their decision, not yours.  So send the newsletter and let them decide if they want to continue getting or not.

They may not react immediately because they are not ready to buy, right now.  But when they are, because you communicate with them regularly, you are at the forefront of their mind when a particular need arises.  Some will respond better to print so you should also use direct mail as part of your mining process.  Continue to “mine” your list and communicate with them very regularly.

There are many options for you once you’ve made the decision to begin a newsletter. I’ve narrowed them down to three basic approaches:

  1. Create your own email newsletter for next-to-nothing using your email software.
  2. Use a service like Constant Contact, Vertical Response or MadMimi that has a minimal cost but gives you pre-made templates to use.
  3. Delegate it or outsource it. You can do this to get the process started and then take it over to run.


1. Create your own:

I don’t recommend creating your own unless you have the skills, talent and time to do it.  Believe me, it is not an easy task!  It may not end up looking like you want it to and you will be limited by your email service as to how many you can send out at one time.

2. Use an email service:

Using one of the sources mentioned above (or choose from a myriad of others) is a great way to get started.  It means you can take an existing template, customize it to your business in a few easy steps, add your interesting content (always the most time-consuming and difficult part, I say!), import your customer data and email out your newsletter.  Easy to follow instructions allow you to focus on the content that will most interest your customers.

3. Delegate or Outsource:

While this may cost a little more to get going and keep going, it allows you the freedom to continue doing what you do best -working on your business so you can make more money! Pay someone else to develop the newsletter format, find the content – interesting text, photos and video – prepare the customer database and get it emailed out on a regular basis.  Once the process has been started, you’ll be amazed at how smoothly it runs – you may only have to input a little article to personalize the newsletter – proof it, and give the OK to email it out on schedule.

Our recommendation for this type of service? Nurse Jackie, of course!  This is one of the services that we provide to our clients.  If you are ready to take the plunge and have someone do this for you – someone who LOVES to do this!! – take a look at what some of our clients have to say about our newsletters and service:

Kim Williams

With Jackie’s help & support we finally got around to sending out newsletters to our past guests.  I never seemed to find the time to do it myself but it’s has been fun working with Jackie as she does all the hard work!  Jackie’s encouragement to write my ‘piece’ each month has provoked a new interest!  And the past guests have been delighted to receive our communication – it’s like a continuation of the holiday time they spent with us.  Working with Jackie at Ewing Enterprises has made it all so easy.


Kim Williams, Clermont, Florida. VILLASFANTAZMIC

Jackie has proved to be totally reliable & trustworthy – she meets the deadlines set and is the sole of discretion.

David Leather

She has taken on the onerous task of categorizing our data base, which is at least 7 years old, and writing monthly newsletters which are both factual and easy to read.


David Leather, St. Cloud, Florida. HAYES VACATION HOMES

I learnt that Jackie Ewing does this as part of her consulting services and I asked her to explain to me how it worked.  She visited my

Joanne Kjolsen

office and the only effort was in the formation of the names database which was just a matter of data entry – not difficult at all by any standards and now I have a created list in the correct format to now receive monthly newsletters.However I had no idea about what to say/what to write/format etc, and once again, Jackie has this down to a fine art.  She comes up with the topical news snippets which are of interest to my client base both potential and existing and creates a newsletter for me and all I have to do is provide a couple of photos of things done during my month and a few words about one or two topics and she does the rest,.I proof read it before it goes out and voila!  I know my customers are reading it as I see them mention something in it during correspondence with me, it might be something that I did or something that was mentioned in the newsletter. Either way, it’s a very simple and informative way of keeping me in touch with my clients on a monthly basis without it appearing as a direct selling piece. It totally is, but they see it as a fun thing to read about the place they love, Orlando!


Joanne Kjolsen, Kissimmee, Florida.  BELLA VACATION HOMES

The Culinary Skills of Chef Kevin Dundon at Raglan Road Orlando

Getting ready for St. Paddy’s Day at Raglan Road

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney are always something special. Apart from the celebrations on the big day, March 17th, there lots of other fun things going on.

One of my favorites is watching Chef Kevin Dundon work his audience while he prepares several fantastic courses. This year, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations launched with a Culinary Demonstration Luncheon with Master Chef Kevin which I share with you now.

Darne of Hickory Smoked Irish Salmon

Smoked Irish Salmon

The first course was a Darne of Hickory Smoked Irish Salmon served warm on buttered leeks with mead cream reduction. You can watch Chef Kevin have some fun with his audience while preparing this dish and then you can wish you had been there as you see the finished dish as it was presented to the diners! Watch the video.

Then we were treated to one of my huge favorites at Raglan Road – Espresso of Roasted Tomato & Gin Soup. While I still enjoyed the soup tremendously, I’m not so sure I can order it too often any more. When Chef Kevin says he’s adding a little butter, he doesn’t really mean a little butter!

Tomato & Gin Soup

Roasted Tomato & Gin Soup

Loin of Traditional Irish Bacon

Loin of Traditional Irish Bacon







The main course was Loin of Traditional Bacon with Irish Mist Glaze served on Colcannon Potato with a parsley cream sauce and raisin cider jus. It has to be, hands down, the absolute BEST bacon I have ever tasted! The dish was SO good I bought the recipe book afterwards so I could try it myself at home. The Colcannon potato reminded me of my childhood Sunday dinners in Dublin as it was a favorite of my Dads.

Jam Jar of Rhubarb Jelly Pannacotta

Rhubarb Jelly Pannacotta

And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly put another morsel in my mouth, Chef Kevin proceeded to wow us with a Jam Jar of Rhubarb Jelly Pannacotta. Rhubarb is another childhood favorite of mine – it grew wild (and I mean big and wild!) in our back garden in Dublin.

Desert was helped down the gullet with a heavenly Irish Coffee.  All in all, quite a wonderful way to while away an afternoon in Orlando! Fantastic food, an entertaining chef and some good company. Thank you Deb ( for being my lunch companion!



Where will the Force take you?

Star Tours 3D Ride

I was at a networking event last week at Disney where we were given a sneak peek at the new 3D Star Tours ride… and the marketing thereof!  In true Disney style, they have outdone themselves in updating this ride and taking the customer experience to an absolutely new level!

Instead of one ride which takes the same route all the time, this new ride has six (yes, SIX!) different possibilities on where you can go, and the ride to and through each of these places can be different in so many ways – from the characters that ride with you, to the storyline that you are in!

It got me thinking about how similar our own marketing journeys can be each and every day.  With all of the marketing tools available to us these days – both offline and online – our choices and possible combinations of those choices are endless!  While that may sound fantastic, it also poses a bit of dilemma.  How to choose which tools will work best for us and not get caught up in the act of trying each new shiny toy that happens along?

Star Tours Journeys

How about we define what our own Six destinations are, and then systematically add elements to each as we go forward? Then with trying, testing, tracking and adjusting we can come up with the best scenarios for our particular business.

Destination 1:  Email Marketing

An integral part of any marketing campaign, email is still one of the most powerful mediums we can use. The elements you choose to get to this destination are many and varied – Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Vertical Response, AWeber – to name but a few of the available options.  I would recommend using one of these or a similar service so that you get the most out of your email marketing.  Keeping a track of who receives which email when; who opens; who clicks on links; who forwards to friends – all of this information is invaluable in getting to know your customers.

The look and feel of your emails should match those on your website, in your storefront, on your delivery vans – wherever you have a presence. Keeping your “brand” intact in your emails just makes sense. With this in mind, the choices to make here should be pretty easy!

Destination 2:  Facebook Marketing

Having a Facebook page for your business is choice that should be made. Not only because it is free to create and maintain such a page that can engage with your customers, if used correctly it can also boost your SEO strategies and brand awareness.

The choices within the Facebook environment are many – from Facebook Ads, to contests, to comments on relevant pages for other businesses. Knowing what you want to get from your Facebook page will help you decide which options to try and track their effectiveness for your business.

Destination 3:  Twitter Marketing

Although Facebook receives by far the most attention in the social media marketing world, Twitter is also a fantastic place to engage with people and build a community. Any community that shares common likes or dislikes can be hugely beneficial to a business.

Like Facebook, you have to try things in the Twitterverse to see what works for you. Look at what others are doing, and not specifically in your industry. Often looking outside your own environment introduces you to things you many never have applied to your business. Twitter is a great platform for this.

Destination 4:  Direct Marketing

In times of recession, marketing is usually (and incorrectly!) the first thing to suffer.  Business owners see immediate cost benefit by cutting marketing but oftentimes do not see the longterm negatives associated with this.  Direct mail, for example, is ripe for strong returns right now because not many people are continuing to invest in it.  Think about your own mailbox and how few marketing pieces you get anymore.

Adding a simple postcard mailing to an existing marketing campaign could boost your marketing efforts enormously. Do something a little different to most and you will stand out and be seen. Your choices here are huge. Investigate, choose and implement something in direct marketing.

Destination 5:  Referrals

You have already spent a considerable amount of time and money on getting customers to your business. Most of those customers are happy, satisfied or content with their purchase. Use these positive emotions to get your customers to refer you to their circle. Do not be afraid to ask for a referral, most customers are happy to do it.  In this age of “social”, a friend’s recommendation can go a LONG way!

Destination 6:  Newsletters

As mentioned above, a lot of time and money is expended in getting customers in the first place. Once you have them, you should consider them as life-long friends and communicate with them as such. A monthly newsletter, whether in email or print form, is an absolute must and an extremely easy way to do this. Make it interesting and fun, with subliminal marketing messages and perhaps one offer, and it will get read.

Stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds by sending them some form of marketing message or communication at least monthly. Depending on your customers, you could make it weekly. Again, the choice is yours.

The Journey

There is one major difference between the Star Tours ride and our marketing journeys – no matter which scenario the ride takes you on, you’re bound to enjoy it and have some fun, so you don’t really care which one you experience – if we don’t track the results of our marketing choices, we’ll never know for sure if we have enjoyed the ultimate benefit of the ride – profit!

So, as you journey through the myriad marketing landscapes that are possible, ask yourself how you can be the Force that can be with you as you make that journey each and every day.  Where will the Force take you?

Where will the Force take you?